Official Directory

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  • Secretariat

  • Directorate

  • Wings/District Offices




Pu Tawnluia

Office: 0389-2323257









Dr. C. Vanlalramsanga IES

Office: 0389-2336631

P.A to Secretary: (PA) 9436144475


Joint Secretary


Irene Zohlimpuii

Office: 0389-2336012


Under Secretary


Zoramsiama Hmar

Office:0389-2323257 (O)









Joseph H Lalramsanga

Office: 0389-2300410 / 0398-2322815 / 0389-2311220 (Fax)



Joint Director (Plan)


HVL Zarzoenga

Office: 0389-2311185

Mobile: 9436147756


Joint Director (Admn)


Rita Lalnunmawii Pachuau MCS

Office: 0389-2300260 (Tele Fax)

Mobile : 9436141270

P.A to Joint Director (Admn): 9436195115


Assistant Director (Plan)


Lalthanghliri Pautu

Office: 03837-222258


Deputy Director (Admn)


Lalrinpuii Hnamte

Office: 0389-2350921

Mobile: 9436154577



Deputy Director (Acct)



Office: 0389-2311219

Mobile: 9615333742


Deputy Director (HQ)


C. Laltleipuii

Office: 0389-2311235

Mobile: 9862860325


Executive Engineer


C. Malsawma

Office: 0389-2311221

Mobile: 961216619


Research Officer



VL. Nghahmawia

Mobile: 7005509997




Lalthanmawii Bawitlung

Office: 0389-2310031

Mobile: 9862364580


Accounts Officer



Office: 0389-2301669-EPABX


Asst. Engineer


J. Laldingliana

Office: 0389-2301669-EPABX

Mobile:  9436155634



Office: 0389-2301669-EPABX

Mobile:  8974169235


Laldinsanga Hnamte

Office: 0389-2301669-EPABX

Mobile: 9436197926


Asst. Architect



Office: 0389-2301669-EPABX

Mobile:  9436360229





Town and Country Planning Wing

Joint Director (Town Planning)


Zoduailova Zote

Office: 0389-2323644

Mobile: 9436195771


Deputy Directors (Town Planning)


Albert Lalliantluanga

Office: 0389-2314822


Asst. Directors (Town Planning)



Office: 0389-2314823

Mobile: 9615027092


C Sawihlira

Office: 0389-2314823



Sanitation Wing

Senior  Sanitation Officer


H. Lalmuankima

Office: 0389-2325728



District Offices

District Urban Development Officer (Lunglei)


Andrew Lalhruaia

Office: 0372-2324113 (Fax) / 0372-2322529



District Urban Development Officer (Champhai)


K. Lalhmuakliana

Office: 03831-235525



District Urban Development Officer(Kolasib)


PC Zonuntluangi MCS

Office: 03837-222258

Mobile: 8730903448


District Urban Development Officer (Mamit)


HD Lalpekmawia MCS

Office: 0389-2565564

Mobile: 8974189546



District Urban Development Officer (Serchhip)



Office: 03838-222493 / 03838-2226187(Fax)





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